The Great Outdoors

1f92d3826c664f1d7ada4bda32252981The weather in Northern California recently has been warm and breezy. The last few nights I have been fortunate enough to enjoy dinner outside and absorb the warm Spring evenings. The recent weather change had me thinking about Summer and how I love entertaining outdoors. I do not have my own home yet, but when I do I know there will be many garden parties to be had. Hear are some of my favorite outdoor entertaining decor ideas. I hope you are inspired and get ideas for your own entertaining this season.


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Fourth of July What to Wear

Fourth of July is my favorite holiday and it’s just two days away! One of my favorite things about fourth of July is dressing up in red white and blue, yes I am cheesy and patriotic. If you are like me and like to dress up for independence day I put together an inspiration board of outfit ideas and accessory options. I choose to not take the literal approach, rather stick with the color theme. Have fun with it mix patterns and keep it girly it’s a day of celebration!

Coachella Street Style

I had so much fun at Coachella second weekend and it has taken me a while to post this but while I was at Coachella I covered a few street style looks for my internship with SnobSwap (post here). It was so hot the second weekend at Coachella people wore hardly anything but here are a few of the outfits I saw.

Love the pops of color!

Love me an Ombre dress!

Hawaiin Print pants love!

Everlane Obsessed

I heard about Everlane through my friends and I decided to join. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, I just knew that nothing on the site was over $100. I originally thought it was only men’s clothing but I was so wrong. So I decided to sign up and see what all the hype was about, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Once you join it asks that you post on Facebook or email some friends in order for you to be invited. I did not like this at first but I understand as a new company they need awareness, which is very smart. Once one of my Facebook  friends joined I was in! I started to browse the site and realized that it was mainly T-shirts which I thought was interesting. They have different styles of shirts, bow ties for men, tote bags and iPhone covers. All the shirts are made in America and run around $15-$30, which is cheap for a shirt made in America.I decided to buy one since because I joined I received free shipping. I bought a white v-neck for $15 not bad just to see if I would like it. 

I received the shirt on Monday and I LOVE it! I never want to buy another t-shirt anywhere else,the fabric is soft and I love the fit. If you are wondering does it compare to American Apparel it doesn’t, these shirts are way better! Check the site out for yourself you be the judge 🙂

Orange you glad it’s Friday!

I sure am! Seems like I’m not so original in my headline but I am sticking with it because I like it! Hope you all are having a fabulous Friday so far! Orange is one of my favorite colors especially when paired with different blues. Orange can be preppy with navy and white or bright and trendy if you add pink or another color into the outfit. I have been seeing pops of orange everywhere lately. It seems that tangerine/orange is very on trend for spring and summer. So glad one of my favorite colors is in, time to stalk up on orange! Continue for some orange inspiration.  Continue reading

The Best Coast

      I have lived in Northern California my entire life so I guess I am biased, but I think that the west coast is the best coast. I feel so lucky to live here, while I would be willing to move I hope to end up back in Northern California. Since my boyfriend and I are both recent college graduates and have had a hard time finding work we have spent some of our free  time  traveling Northern California driving through highway 1. Over the past few months I have re-discovered my love for California and all the amazing places. From sand to snow, California is truly amazing. Here are some photos that I documented along the way!