A Night With Friends


Before starting my first full-time job out of college, I never thought about how my life would change. Your time is quickly eaten up by work, commuting, and overtime which leaves little time for a LIFE! Over the past few months I have been trying to balance work, family, friends, a boyfriend and personal time ( wich is why blogging has been sparse). So when I  finally got a handle on my workload I knew it was time to have a life again! I finally made time to hang out with a close group of friends at a new restaurant in San Jose called SP2 Communal Bar + Restaurant, where we had an amazing evening of great ambiance, good food and lots of laughs!


If you are planning on dining in Downtown San Jose I would highly recommend SP2. The restaurant has a huge beautiful space with indoor and outdoor seating, a large bar, happy hour and friendly staff. The decor is minimalistic and rustic… like Restoration Hardware meets West Elm. This place is great to go with friends or just for date night we ordered several different plates and sampled each others dishes. I would recommend the mac & cheese, Margherita pizza, and the brussels sprouts! I hear the brunch is also fantastic, I will hopefully try it soon!