Hi-Lo for the Home


One of my favorite hobbies besides fashion and blogging, is looking for antiques and repurposing items that I find. Similar to the hi-lo of dressing I apply this to decorating as well. The desk in the picture above was my mother’s from the 80’s and it was given to me. I painted it and added new knobs (not shown) and it was instantly updated! Check out some other hi-lo ideas in my room.  Continue reading


Love Jewel Mint

     Pretty sure I’m late on the Jewel Mint bandwagon, but I am in love! Recently I decided to join Jewel Mint I heard nothing but good things about it so I thought, it was time! I was pleasantly surprised, with the site and not to mention the prices! Everything is one price $29.99! Cheap if you ask me. If you choose to become a member each month there is a new collection you can choose one piece or as many as you for $29.99 each or skip a month it’s up to you. I am already thinking it will be hard to skip a month. Continue reading

Inspired by Spring

Yesterday was the first day of spring and of corse I was inspired to go shopping for spring clothes. I bought a few things at Jcrew, but because I don’t have a job yet I cannot go crazy. If I could there are a few things on my list that I think are essential for a spring wardrobe this season. Maybe you can buy and share with me!  Continue reading

Sherbet Chic

With Spring right around the corner I find myself more and more excited to wear spring colors. My friends know I’m not one to wear much color but I am really excited to wear more color this spring and summer! … Continue reading