I Go Nowhere Without…






Kate Spade Wallet, D&G Sunglasses, EOS Lip Balm, Pacifica Lotion, Victoria Secret Body Mist, Kate Spade Business Card Case, Kate Spade iPhone Case


I cleaned out everything recently, my closet, drawers, and purse. I realized when it comes to items in my purse there are things I go nowhere without! First, my wallet because it has all the important stuff, but something I recently came to discover is…splurge on a wallet! Similar to a good handbag a quality wallet is totally worth it, pick a color or brand you love and it will make you smile every time you pull it out of your bag! 




(my now cleaned out bag) 

I can’t leave the house without my Dolce & Gabbana  polarized sunglasses which fit me perfectly (sunglasses – another item you should splurge on), my iPhone which basically does most of my thinking for me, and a notebook & pen because you never know when you’ll have an amazing idea! Emergency items like a great body lotion, body spray and bobby pins are essential! I can’t go more than a few hours without applying my chapstick, especially when it smells SO amazing. Lastly, I always have business cards because you never know who you’ll meet, and the card case is just an adorable added bonus ( thanks to my boyfriend). 



Love Jewel Mint

     Pretty sure I’m late on the Jewel Mint bandwagon, but I am in love! Recently I decided to join Jewel Mint I heard nothing but good things about it so I thought, it was time! I was pleasantly surprised, with the site and not to mention the prices! Everything is one price $29.99! Cheap if you ask me. If you choose to become a member each month there is a new collection you can choose one piece or as many as you for $29.99 each or skip a month it’s up to you. I am already thinking it will be hard to skip a month. Continue reading