Summer Wishlist

Summer Lust List
Summer is here and the warm weather means time for light and flowy frocks! Fall is my favorite season, so when I went to my closet the other day all I noticed was a sea of grey, black, and navy pieces. For so long I stayed away from color because I thought it made me look “young”, but this summer I am experimenting with different ways to incorporate color into my outfits, by wearing a colorful pattern or colored sandals. These items above are some of the summer pieces I am lusting after! This season I am in love with tribal inspired patterns, colored leucite frames, and strappy leather sandals. This outfit is the epitome of what I want to be wearing all summer long!

Inspired By The Beach


Last week when the weather was warm I took a day trip to the beach with my dear friend Jen (yes her name is Jen too). We decided to bring our reading material and camp out on Capitola beach. Capitola is one of my favorite beach towns, with cute shops restaurants and houses. I had to take pictures that day of course, and the colorful houses were perfect and vibrant against the blue sky. I could not help but think this color palate would make for a great outfit. Based on the colors I saw on the houses I created a cute beach outfit that I would love to have! That day was a great reminder that inspiration is everywhere even at the beach!

Inspired by color
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Beauty Favorites

Beauty faves
     Everyone has beauty items that they could never live without and I thought I would share mine! As you can see I love anything Bobbi Brown and I am pretty loyal to all of her makeup. My favorite Bobbi Brown products are the creme foundation, it is so natural looking and has great coverage. I also could not live without the smokey eye palette and party mascara both make your eyes pop!