The Great Outdoors

1f92d3826c664f1d7ada4bda32252981The weather in Northern California recently has been warm and breezy. The last few nights I have been fortunate enough to enjoy dinner outside and absorb the warm Spring evenings. The recent weather change had me thinking about Summer and how I love entertaining outdoors. I do not have my own home yet, but when I do I know there will be many garden parties to be had. Hear are some of my favorite outdoor entertaining decor ideas. I hope you are inspired and get ideas for your own entertaining this season.


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Hi-Lo for the Home


One of my favorite hobbies besides fashion and blogging, is looking for antiques and repurposing items that I find. Similar to the hi-lo of dressing I apply this to decorating as well. The desk in the picture above was my mother’s from the 80’s and it was given to me. I painted it and added new knobs (not shown) and it was instantly updated! Check out some other hi-lo ideas in my room.  Continue reading

Black & Gold

I have loved black and gold together for a while but this fall in particular I have been seeing it everywhere and this has resurfaced my obsession. I am loving black and gold jewelry, outfits, nails and even interior decor. Here are some pictures that inspired me and I will now be on the lookout for more black & gold!