I Go Nowhere Without…






Kate Spade Wallet, D&G Sunglasses, EOS Lip Balm, Pacifica Lotion, Victoria Secret Body Mist, Kate Spade Business Card Case, Kate Spade iPhone Case


I cleaned out everything recently, my closet, drawers, and purse. I realized when it comes to items in my purse there are things I go nowhere without! First, my wallet because it has all the important stuff, but something I recently came to discover is…splurge on a wallet! Similar to a good handbag a quality wallet is totally worth it, pick a color or brand you love and it will make you smile every time you pull it out of your bag! 




(my now cleaned out bag) 

I can’t leave the house without my Dolce & Gabbana  polarized sunglasses which fit me perfectly (sunglasses – another item you should splurge on), my iPhone which basically does most of my thinking for me, and a notebook & pen because you never know when you’ll have an amazing idea! Emergency items like a great body lotion, body spray and bobby pins are essential! I can’t go more than a few hours without applying my chapstick, especially when it smells SO amazing. Lastly, I always have business cards because you never know who you’ll meet, and the card case is just an adorable added bonus ( thanks to my boyfriend). 



Beauty Favorites

Beauty faves
     Everyone has beauty items that they could never live without and I thought I would share mine! As you can see I love anything Bobbi Brown and I am pretty loyal to all of her makeup. My favorite Bobbi Brown products are the creme foundation, it is so natural looking and has great coverage. I also could not live without the smokey eye palette and party mascara both make your eyes pop!

Spring Beauty Must Haves

Spring Beauty
With Winter soon coming to a close, the cold weather might have taken its toll on your face. Here are some of my favorite Spring beauty items. This Nars eye and cheeks palate is a great combo. Refresh your makeup collection and get this pallet for the best of both worlds. Straightening and styling your hair all winter is very damaging. Time to rock the natural beach waves for less stress on your hair with Victoria’s Secret beach hair spray. Spring showers may leave your eyeliner running make sure to avoid this with Paul & Joe waterproof eyeliner. A good body scrub and moisturizer are important to lose the dead skin and moisturize your new layer. Add spring colors into the mix with a fun nail color or lip color. Remember Spring is the time to refresh and renew!