Beauty Favorites

Beauty faves
     Everyone has beauty items that they could never live without and I thought I would share mine! As you can see I love anything Bobbi Brown and I am pretty loyal to all of her makeup. My favorite Bobbi Brown products are the creme foundation, it is so natural looking and has great coverage. I also could not live without the smokey eye palette and party mascara both make your eyes pop!
     Skin and hair are important and a leave in conditioner like the soy tri wheat is great for protecting your hair against heat and damage. I have used the same face wash since highschool, clean & clear morning burst has a great scent and wakes me up every morning.
    I love to paint my nails, I change my nail color about twice a week, but the color I keep going back to is Essie ole calliente, it is vibrant and cheery. Two things that I will always have with me is my sugar lip treatment and sexy little things body mist. The fresh lip treatment moisturizer and protects my lips better than any other chap stick I have used. Body mist is something I keep with me at all times, on the go you never know when you will need a spritz!

3 thoughts on “Beauty Favorites

  1. I love that Bobbi Brown palette. So beautiful. Those colors would look really good with my eyes, too. Such a tempting potential purchase… Also, that’s crazy that you change your nail color like twice a week. I could never do that…. I’m too terrible at painting nails.

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