Hi-Lo for the Home


One of my favorite hobbies besides fashion and blogging, is looking for antiques and repurposing items that I find. Similar to the hi-lo of dressing I apply this to decorating as well. The desk in the picture above was my mother’s from the 80’s and it was given to me. I painted it and added new knobs (not shown) and it was instantly updated! Check out some other hi-lo ideas in my room. 


I found a red chair at Goodwill for $5, it works perfectly and it’s such a great color. I accessorized my desk with an old mason jar as a pencil holder, a new lamp, picture and candle.


My night stand is pretty empty because I use it often, but a simple candle and some stacked books add the dimension that I like.


This old mirrored perfume tray is one of my favorite things, it was my grandmother’s and it displays everything so nicely and keeps it looking tidy.

DSC_0271I have so many necklaces and I had no idea what to do with them. My Dad found me some L hooks to screw into the wall and I had an instant necklace display. The great thing is you can keep adding to the line, it just gets better! DSC_0266I hope you enjoyed the peek into my room and how I utilize hi-lo when decorating. I hope you are inspired and now have some ideas of your own!


One thought on “Hi-Lo for the Home

  1. I did enjoy this peek into your room. Very well-decorated and put together. That mirror tray is really, really pretty. I love vintage items like that.

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