DIY Glitter Jar


 I saw these jars recently on Pinterest and I LOVED them, perfect for a party or really anytime! I decided to take a chance and make my own and I was pleasantly surprised on how it turned out, I will be making more in the future maybe as gifts!


Here’s how to make it!

1. You will need: a glass jar, vase or votive. Metallic gold spray paint, Krylon is usually my paint of choice. Newspaper, painters tape, spray adhesive or glue and of course glitter. (optional clear spray paint)

2. First tape off the areas that you do not want covered with paint or glitter.( I decided to try stripes)

3. Spray the metallic paint around the jar let first coat dry for about 10 min, then apply second coat and let that dry.

4. Once the gold paint is dry, generously pour glitter on the newspaper and spray jar with adhesive or brush on glue and roll jar in the glitter. Let this dry for about 20 minutes.

5. Peel off the tape, to keep the glitter in-tact after your done spray a coat of clear spray paint around the jar.

Your done! Below is my finished product you can use it for a brush holder, pencil holder or vase the options are endless.



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