Love Jewel Mint

     Pretty sure I’m late on the Jewel Mint bandwagon, but I am in love! Recently I decided to join Jewel Mint I heard nothing but good things about it so I thought, it was time! I was pleasantly surprised, with the site and not to mention the prices! Everything is one price $29.99! Cheap if you ask me. If you choose to become a member each month there is a new collection you can choose one piece or as many as you for $29.99 each or skip a month it’s up to you. I am already thinking it will be hard to skip a month.

Above is what I got for my first purchase. The Parisian dream necklace, I love it! Not to mention your first purchase they give you a discount code I got the necklace for $12! Plus the packaging is so cute, im a sucker for packaging I guess it’s the advertiser in me. It’s definitely worth the visit trust me you will be as addicted as I am!


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