Everlane Obsessed

I heard about Everlane through my friends and I decided to join. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, I just knew that nothing on the site was over $100. I originally thought it was only men’s clothing but I was so wrong. So I decided to sign up and see what all the hype was about, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Once you join it asks that you post on Facebook or email some friends in order for you to be invited. I did not like this at first but I understand as a new company they need awareness, which is very smart. Once one of my Facebook  friends joined I was in! I started to browse the site and realized that it was mainly T-shirts which I thought was interesting. They have different styles of shirts, bow ties for men, tote bags and iPhone covers. All the shirts are made in America and run around $15-$30, which is cheap for a shirt made in America.I decided to buy one since because I joined I received free shipping. I bought a white v-neck for $15 not bad just to see if I would like it. 

I received the shirt on Monday and I LOVE it! I never want to buy another t-shirt anywhere else,the fabric is soft and I love the fit. If you are wondering does it compare to American Apparel it doesn’t, these shirts are way better! Check the site out for yourself you be the judge www.everlane.com. 🙂


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