Inspired by Spring

Yesterday was the first day of spring and of corse I was inspired to go shopping for spring clothes. I bought a few things at Jcrew, but because I don’t have a job yet I cannot go crazy. If I could there are a few things on my list that I think are essential for a spring wardrobe this season. Maybe you can buy and share with me! 

Pleated skirt – Love the pleated Skirt right now it’s so feminine and fun. I love them in all different colors too, great way to add color into your wardrobe.


Structured Bag – A structured bag is such an investment its classic and sophisticated. I especially love the bright-colored ones for spring, if you don’t want a color go for a light grey or darker tan that will carry you through all the seasons (no pun intended lol).

Flats – Love me a pop of color flat, as you can see above I bought a teal pair yesterday I’m so excited to wear them with so many different things! Flats are a good way to look put together opt for a flat over a flip-flop it changes the look completely.

Layerd Bracelets – Layerd bracelets are usually always in style, but I have a new-found love for them. Instead of buying sets of bracelets its fun to buy them individually and start a cute collection on your wrist!


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