DIY- Cute as a Button

This is a cute idea for gifts or for yourself, under $10! I originally got this idea from Pinterest and decided to attempt it on a girls afternoon with my dear friend Amanda. (Note: this is a bit time-consuming so start with a small one and give yourself enough time!) Heres how to do it! 

What you will need :

– A wooden frame ( size is up to you I chose 4×6)

– A fabric that you love! (I just got a half a yard)

– Pack of assorted buttons ( different sizes and colors are key)

– Needle and thread

– Tacks or staples

First tack or staple on the fabric as tight as possible. Now your ready to start sewing!

Once your done sewing on the buttons the back will look something like this not so pretty but no one has to see it. You can always cover up the back with the extra fabric!

Now you are done! Display your work or give it as a gift!


3 thoughts on “DIY- Cute as a Button

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  2. Love this idea. There is a button shop not far from me in New Delhi. I want to buy all of the buttons, but didn’t know what to do with them. Now I have some inspiration.

    • Oh that is awesome!! If you make something post it on your blog I want to see! I have been reading your blog it looks like you are having an amazing time! Hope you are well!

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